Island of Rab
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February Days of Carnival in Rab (Mesopust)
April Procession from all parishes to the Cathedral
International flat-water kayak racing
Appearance of the Rab cross-bowers - public festivities in town
June St. Peter in Supetarska Draga - Holy Mass
July Our Lady of the Carmelite in Barbat - Holy Mass and procession
St. Christopher (Saint patron of the town)
Rab knight games - competition of Rab cross-bowers
August St. Mary of the Snow - Sistovica in Banjol
Assumption Day - celebrations in Rab
Public festivities in town - Parade of the Rab cross-bowers
September Nativity of the Virgin Mary in Lopar
St. Euphemia in Kampor
Christmass Holidays Classic music concert - Concert of the Rab brass band